Introduction about Van Lang University

Van Lang University has gone through many historical landmarks originating from 27/01/1995

Period of 1995 - 2003
Period of 2004 - 2011
Period of 2012 - 2020

Law School of Van Lang University

Frequently asked Questions:

Law exists everywhere, in businesses, agencies, organizations and even in life. It is thanks to the law that we can resolve conflicts, disputes, conflicts, … more easily. When dealing with a law, of course, it has to comply with what the law says.

If in the context of about a dozen years ago, the career opportunities of the law branch have not been expanded. But now, if you are or are going to apply to law, you can be assured that studying law will have a lot of jobs for you to choose after graduation.

What’s interesting about studying law?

Jurisprudence is understood more broadly than Economic Law. At the general level, jurisprudence covers all activities of law research and study in all fields of specialization: economic law, civil law, criminal law, labor law, comparison law …

In society, there are many professions that require legal knowledge and many agencies and organizations need people with legal knowledge. When Vietnam becomes a member of the WTO, it is even more necessary to have people with legal knowledge. Lawyer is one of the 10 professions in the world with the highest income despite not being paid by the State (lawyers’ income is paid by clients). In Vietnam, the salary paid to judges, prosecutors, executors, police officers … is often higher than other professions.

What qualifications do you need to study law?

To study Law, besides passion, you need to have the following qualities:

  • Fairness, objectivity and honesty;
  • There are career sensitivities, analytical and general abilities;
  • Having bravery and firm stance;
  • Ability to express well;
  • Eager to read and possess good memory;
  • Knowledge of many fields such as economy, society, culture …
  • Ability to negotiate and listen;
  • Responsible.

Where to study law?

Some universities have strengths in economics law, candidates can refer to Hanoi Open University Institute, Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Dai study Economics – Law, …

You need to thoroughly study the admission plan of each school, the admission method and refer to the online score of recent years to consider admission to the university that best suits the academic results and high school exam, before Admission to achieve the best results.


Law major has been trained by Van Lang University since 2019, after the success of Economics Law.
The branch of Law oriented applied training, combining theory and simulation activities, practice: hypothetical trial, legal festival, participating in actual trial.

The lively atmosphere of the Law Festival spreads from the school yard to the Hall C001, where the attractive “Idol Law” academic contest of Van Lang Economic Law branch is held.

What is the highlight of the Law major at Van Lang University?

Van Lang University’s Bachelor of Laws training program is built on the basis of acquiring the achievements of world advanced higher education, combined with the characteristics of Vietnamese education. Reference training roadmap from the law universities of prestigious universities:

  • Bristol University (UK) – Top 13 in UK Law training and top 50 in Law training in the world (2018),
  • Monash University (Australia) – Top 31 in Law training of the world (QS Subject Ranking 2019);
  • City Law University HCM;
  • Faculty of Law – Hanoi National University
  • Can Tho university.

From K25 (academic year 2019-2020), the Bachelor of Laws and Economics Law program of Van Lang University’s School of Law consists of 128 credits, built in the direction of application, ensuring to equip students when graduates with in-depth knowledge in the fields of Criminal and Civil Law; Law on Enterprises, Trade, Services, Competition, Domestic Investment; International law; Law on Foreign Investment; Law on Finance, Banking, Credit Institutions, Stock Market, Intellectual Property, Anti-dumping; Laws on Family, Minors, Labor, Land, Environment … These are areas that need legal experts in the context of socio-economic development and deeper integration. wide to the international.

What is the law training program?

Law major at Van Lang University has 2 majors:

  • Civil Law: students can apply the basic knowledge of legal sciences in groups of civil law, civil procedure law, marriage and family law, labor law … to identify and solve. professional issues.
  • Criminal Law: students can apply the basic knowledge of legal sciences in the field of forensic examination; judicial psychiatry; scientific criminal investigation; professional court clerk … to identify and resolve specific legal issues.
  • Ngoài nội dung và kỹ năng chuyên ngành, chương trình đào tạo chú trọng giảng dạy tiếng Anh cơ bản và Tiếng Anh chuyên ngành, đào tạo tin học, giúp sinh viên Luật khi ra trường có thể sử dụng tiếng Anh và ứng dụng công nghệ thông tin vững vàng trong hoạt động nghề nghiệp.

Organize career orientation seminars right from the beginning of the school year, to new students to career orientation, partly to help students design their own study plan as well as equip them with knowledge to recover. business case later.

On September 19, 2019, Van Lang University successfully organized the seminar “Some legal aspects of economy – finance through a number of major cases in our country in the past time”, more than 400 students of Faculty The law had the opportunity to contact with 02 leading lawyers: TS. LS. Phan Trung Hoai – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Bar Federation, Arbitrator of Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) and LS. Tran Minh Hai – Director of BASICO Law Company.

The training program focuses on practical application to help students develop comprehensively professional skills through “simulation” activities, participating in practical trials in courts (HCMC People’s Court) , Hoc Mon District People’s Court, Binh Thanh District People’s Court …) for students to visualize how the Court works; hold hypothetical trials to hone logic and argument.

Movement of Law students at Van Lang

In addition to knowledge and practical skills, the Faculty of Law focuses on training the ethics and attitudes of future Law students towards society through work activities such as “Noel loves” and “Mid-Autumn Festival for you.” “Which students of Law and Economics Law join hands …

The Faculty of Law has made a mark in Van Lang when having two great programs for both academic and entertainment: the Law Festival and the FOL Traditional Music Program, in which the Law Festival attracted the Join thousands of Van Lang students.

On October 28, 2019, Van Lang University School of Law successfully organized the first Traditional Festival combining the Welcome to the 25th Course with the theme: FIRE – Light the fire to welcome new students.

Distinguish between Law industry and Economic Law industry

The Law industry provides broad knowledge in almost all fields. Not only knowledge of Economic Law, Financial Law, Commercial Law; Law also provides knowledge of marriage and family law, general provisions on property, inheritance, criminal law, environmental law, criminology, contract compensation, commercial disputes, complaints, and denunciations. reports, criminal investigations, human rights, and civil rights …

The Department of Economic Law equips students with the basics of most laws, but focuses on laws related to the field of commerce and economic issues.

Job opportunities with students studying Law?

Employment opportunities are extremely open and have many career prospects in the future. After graduating from Law, students are fully equipped with professional knowledge to easily find jobs in this field, with job positions:

  • Judge
  • Surveyor
  • Lawyer
  • Notary
  • Bailiffs

In addition, you can try some other professions in the law field such as: Legal experts, Legal advisers, Teachers, law instructors, Legal researchers, Investigators, Clerks court, examiner, …

Market demand, employment trends with Bachelor of Laws?

Law field is currently attracting a large number of young people to study because this is a field with great potential for career development in the future.

Currently, according to the Forecast of Center for Human Resource Development City. Ho Chi Minh City, particularly with the Law branch, by 2025, Vietnam needs 13,000 lawyers, 2,300 judges, 2,000 notaries, 3,000 executors, 300 examiners for civil judgment execution and bailiffs … Meanwhile, Vietnam currently has about 25 institutions of training bachelor of law, each year only about 3,500 – 4,000 bachelors graduated from the law system.

In 2017, Van Lang University opened the Law of Economics (code: 7380107), successfully enrolled 2 courses. The experience in training and setting up the foundation for Van Lang to open more law, with two majors: Civil Law and Criminal Law. In a symbolic way, a field of study in the history of Van Lang is now being “revived” in a new era, with great potential for development and the expected excitement of the generations who have known the industry’s name. The Law of Van Lang in the past.

To look up the study program, the amount of knowledge of the course you need to accumulate and look up the information about modules you can refer here.

How many points can be accepted to study law at Van Lang?

Reference points 2019:

Considering the national high school test scores (scale 30): 15 points (2019)

Reviewing academic records (scale 30): 18 points (2019)

Head of Department: Assoc. TS Bui Anh Thuy
Faculty Office: P. 6.10, Facility 1, Số 45 Nguyễn Khắc Nhu, P. Cô Giang, District 1, Tp. HCM
Phone: (028) 7109 9245 – Ext: 4060 (Secretary of the Department, CTSV), 4061 (Board of Directors)

Industry code: 7380101

Training time: 4 years
Diploma: Bachelor of Laws
Subject groups

  • A00: Math – Physics – Chemistry
  • A01: Math – Physics – English
  • C00: Literature – History – Geography
  • D01: Math – Literature – English

History of the establishment of the law faculty

Law School of Van Lang University

  • Established in 2017, the Faculty of Law, Van Lang University successfully enrolled the first season with more than 200 students enrolled in the Law of Economics.
  • The academic year 2019-2020 marks a very important event, confirming the maturity, prestige and position of the Law Faculty of Van Lang University: Ministry of Education and Training approved for Van Lang University to enroll bachelor’s degree training Law, together with the economics law, is available from the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Admission season in 2019, Van Lang University School of Law has recruited 432 students for 2 disciplines: Law and Economics Law, bringing the total number of students of the Faculty of Law to 900.
  • Starting with the 25th Course (academic year 2019-2020), the Bachelor of Economics Law program of Van Lang University School of Law consists of 127 credits, for 129 years of Economics Law, the curriculum content is built in the direction of high applicability, ensuring to equip students after graduation with in-depth knowledge in the fields of Criminal and Civil Law; Law on Enterprises, Trade, Services, Competition, Domestic Investment; International law; Law on Foreign Investment; Law on Finance, Banking, Credit Institutions, Stock Market, Intellectual Property, Anti-dumping; The laws on the Family, Minors, Labor, Land, Environment …, are the legal fields that need legal experts in the context of our country’s socio-economic development. developing and integrating more and more deeply into the international life today.
  • The training program focuses on teaching basic and specialized English, training in information technology, helping Law students after graduation to use English and apply information technology firmly in their activities. job.
  • The training program also ensures that students have the opportunity to study two programs at the same time, study seamlessly within the school or connect with other higher education institutions.
  • The mission of Van Lang University’s School of Law is to ensure that the Law graduates of the University, when receiving their Degrees, have good qualifications, deep professional qualifications, skills, mature professional methods, and the ability to use using English, applying information technology, meeting recruitment requirements to work in the system of agencies: Justice, Court, Procuracy, judgment execution agencies; State management agencies; Political organizations, social organizations, occupation from central to local levels; Judicial supplementary fields such as: Lawyer, Notary Public, Bailiff, Appraisal, Auction; Legal experts in companies, economic groups of the state sector, FDI sector, private sector nationwide, especially in Ho Chi Minh City – the largest metropolis in the country The current.

The Law School of Van Lang University currently consists of 3 Departments, with the following personnel structure:


1. Assoc. TS GVCC Bui Anh Thuy, Dean, Department Head
2. MSc. Tran Minh Toan, Deputy Head of the Department
3. Assoc. Prof. Teacher Le Thi Bich Tho, Teacher
4. MSc. Professor Bui Thi Kim Ngan, Teacher
5. Dr. Vu Van Toan, Teacher
6. MSc. Nguyen Hoai Bao, Teacher
7. MSc. Dinh Le Oanh, Teacher
8. MSc. Nguyen Thi Kim Quyen, Teacher
9. MSc. Nguyen Ngoc Bien Thuy Huong, Teacher
10. MSc. Trần Vi Cường, teacher
11. MSc. Cao Ngoc Son, Teacher


12. Assoc. Dr. Phan Quang Thinh, Head of the Department
13. MSc. GVC. Nguyen Huu Binh, Deputy Dean, Deputy Head
14. Dr. Teacher Nguyen Duc Chinh, Teacher
15. Dr. Professor Vu Thi Thuy, Teacher
16. MSc. Do Quang Thuan, Teacher


17. MSc. Professor Nguyen Thi Yen, Deputy Head of the Department
18. MSc. Vu Thi Bich Hai, Teacher
19. MSc. Doan Kim Van Quynh, Assistant 2
20. MSc. Le Ho Trung Hieu, Assistant Lecturer 1


21. MSc. Nguyễn Thị Hòa, Secretary of the Faculty
22. Sun Phan Thi Thuy Duong, Student Affairs Assistant

1. Assoc. TS Pham Dinh Nghiem
2. TS. Vo Thi Kim Oanh
3. TS. Phan Ngoc Tam
4. TS. Phan Hoài Nam
5. Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu
6. TS. Phan Phương Nam
7. MSc. GVC Nguyen Thi Nhan
8. MSc. From Thanh Thao
9. MSc. Duong Hong Thi Phi Phi

1. Assoc. Dr. Bui Anh Thuy, Head of Law Department, Chairman of the Council
2. TS. Nguyen Duc Chinh, former Deputy Minister of Justice, member
3. Assoc. TS Le Thi Bich Tho, former Vice Rector of Ho Chi Minh City University of Law HCM, member
4. TS. Vo Thi Kim Oanh, Dean of Criminal Law Faculty, HCMC Law University. HCM, member

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